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Are You Satisfied With Your Job?

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With the New Year quickly approaching, companies are beginning to anticipate their needs and hiring managers are preparing to scan for potential employees that match those needs. Now is the time to reexamine your workplace satisfaction and review the career path you are currently on while recognizing if it is the career path for you.

Now, some people have found the right job for them and are happy in their role but what if you haven’t? No need to panic, there is plenty of time and a multitude of opportunities to take advantage of. It is just up to you to make the moves to obtain that happiness.

So, how do you know if the job you are in truly makes you happy? Well, think of the signs that are out of the ordinary. Do you hate going into work and count the hours until you can leave? With a majority of the average person’s life consumed by work, it is best to spend that time happy and enjoying the work you do.

Have a purpose for your job every day. This purpose doesn’t mean going out and changing the world every single day but rather, finding satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment in the work you do. Without those feelings, you no longer satisfy the basic human need of self-actualization.

Think about what you want in your career. Pinpoint aspects that you love and hate about your current role and see what other fields utilize the elements you wish to carry throughout your career.

Take the time to tune into your workplace happiness. Ask yourself if you can see any growth happening in the role you are currently in. If you can’t, recognize the signs, acknowledge if you are in a position to begin looking for another job and make the moves to satisfy your ultimately workplace happiness.




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