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November 2016

Aspiring to New Levels

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Achieving a new level within a company may come quickly to some however, for most, the decision to begin the transition to a new division comes with thoughtful planning. So, how can you position yourself correctly to achieve the new role that is desired?

Establish yourself in a leadership role. Think in terms of problems and solutions and be able to cross-promote the plan between various departments. While you are gaining valuable insight about the company’s operations and learning valuable leadership skills, others are observing how you handle managerial responsibilities.

Begin to establish a network of positive, like-minded individuals who will be there for support and guidance will be very impactful while you start to make a move to a new level. Move into a team building mindset and the idea of working towards a common goal. Inspire those around you to reach the common purpose as a team, delegate projects and recognize the work that is put in.

Transitioning to a new level takes a desire to fill a position where you may be looked at for advice, come to for a solution and thought of as a leader. Plan accordingly and accurately map your path and the people that will be beneficial to your transition. Most importantly, dream big. Soon you will find that your goals of achieving a new level within the company will be accomplished sooner than you would have thought.

A Time Reserved for Gratitude

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Thanksgiving is a time to be gracious for the wonderful blessings, friends, family and colleagues that we have been rewarded with during the past year. It is those blessings that continue to push JSpire to strive for success in every aspect of our business.

While we show gratitude for the people and blessings around us, showing appreciation in the workplace can also be beneficial. A gracious workplace can motivate workers and foster a thriving environment.

Not only does thanking someone show an acknowledgment of the work that was completed but it also provides a sense of self-worth and trust between coworkers. Cultivating a culture of gratitude may also guard the workplace in times of a crisis. Others will be more willing to step up and take charge because their efforts will not go unrecognized.

Thanksgiving is a time to be selfless and begin thinking of and acknowledging achievements and efforts. A gracious attitude feels right. Optimism and enthusiasm to help others increases the sense of well-being and can also provide health benefits such as bolstering the immune system and suppressing stress tension.

Not only do positive, thankful energies attract more of it, that mindset also changes the way we understand and view the world around us. Realize that striving for constant achievements may help us on the way to reaching our goals, but recognizing the current situation we are in is important to see the change and progress that has been made.

So practice sincerity. Be honest and meaningful about the thanks you have. Not every job or action needs to be outwardly recognized but developing an understanding of the needs of employees and the way they interact and how they will succeed based off of your gratitude will develop a relationship built on respect not only for the person but also for the job done.

So while everyone is sitting around their holiday table giving thanks for their friends and family, take the time also to sit around the conference room table and give thanks for the people you spend a majority of your day with – your family away from home.

Falling into Holiday Productivity

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The holiday season is upon us, which means getting to spend more time with family and having the dinner table constantly filled with holiday goodies. However, as the holiday spirits begin to rise, productivity within the workplace can start to fall. So, how can the holidays be integrated within the office without compromising productivity?

During the holidays it is understandable that everyone in the office may be preoccupied with different details that take away from the focused atmosphere from earlier in the year. So how do you combat this mentality? Foster a relationship in the workplace that accepts social obligations but does not impact production goals that have previously been established. Accept that everyone has plans that they may be excited about, but the key to maintaining productivity is ensuring a balance between discussing holiday travels and client portfolios.

Take a break! The holiday season can be filled with tons of stresses that affect productivity. Taking a small breather away from the holiday high and workplace bustle can prove to be more productive than pushing through to get the work done. So, when you walk away from your work area, gather inspiration and new ideas that could largely impact your role with the company and the ways you conduct your business.

Above all, create and complete goals. Setting out high yet achievable goals will allow for an end to be seen as the holiday’s approach and focus may lack. Write down the goals and steps to be taken to complete them. As the goals begin to be crossed off the list, the workload that seemed never ending at the start of the holiday season will soon be bearable.

Overall, the holidays are a time to be thankful for what has been achieved. Enjoy the time that is available with co-workers, family, and friends but do not let the time away supersede the work that needs to be completed especially with the New Year fast approaching.

New Job, Smooth Transition

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You’ve scored the new job and have begun to make the transition to your new role. The move may come with an entirely new environment, new faces, new responsibilities and overall, new experiences.

All of the new things that you find yourself in can be scary and at times challenging but with a positive mindset and by being open to trying new things, a smooth transition will come.

While every career comes with a broad range of emotions, keeping a positive attitude can greatly affect how you view situations. Show excitement for the tasks given and begin to interact with coworkers past the surface level. There will be obstacles along the way but recognize the growth that comes with the challenge, and things will soon begin to look up.

Small levels of interaction can influence your attitude at work; so immerse yourself in the company culture. Adapt to new situations and showcase your abilities that pair well with the overall goals of the organization focusing on the skills that helped you land the position in the first place.

All the new experiences can all involve stepping out of your comfort zone. With any role transition, your comfort zone may be stretched already but push yourself to get involved and make the most out of every situation. Try new things and RSVP to any out-of-work party that allows you to interact with your coworkers.

Soon, everything will begin to fall into place, and the new role that you accepted won’t seem so new anymore.