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Falling into Holiday Productivity

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The holiday season is upon us, which means getting to spend more time with family and having the dinner table constantly filled with holiday goodies. However, as the holiday spirits begin to rise, productivity within the workplace can start to fall. So, how can the holidays be integrated within the office without compromising productivity?

During the holidays it is understandable that everyone in the office may be preoccupied with different details that take away from the focused atmosphere from earlier in the year. So how do you combat this mentality? Foster a relationship in the workplace that accepts social obligations but does not impact production goals that have previously been established. Accept that everyone has plans that they may be excited about, but the key to maintaining productivity is ensuring a balance between discussing holiday travels and client portfolios.

Take a break! The holiday season can be filled with tons of stresses that affect productivity. Taking a small breather away from the holiday high and workplace bustle can prove to be more productive than pushing through to get the work done. So, when you walk away from your work area, gather inspiration and new ideas that could largely impact your role with the company and the ways you conduct your business.

Above all, create and complete goals. Setting out high yet achievable goals will allow for an end to be seen as the holiday’s approach and focus may lack. Write down the goals and steps to be taken to complete them. As the goals begin to be crossed off the list, the workload that seemed never ending at the start of the holiday season will soon be bearable.

Overall, the holidays are a time to be thankful for what has been achieved. Enjoy the time that is available with co-workers, family, and friends but do not let the time away supersede the work that needs to be completed especially with the New Year fast approaching.

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