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Tips for a Successful Virtual Interview

Virtual interviews are replacing in-person interviews in the current climate; however, they have already been around for some time. Ensuring your interview is successful can be tricky as it could be hard to make a personal connection with your interviewer through a computer screen.

Here are some useful tips for a successful virtual interview:

Camera Positioning – Your camera should be at eye level. You may need to prop your computer on a sturdy surface in order to have proper eye contact instead of tilting/angling your computer or camera. Try not to sit too far or too close to the camera. Mid-torso and above should be shown on the screen, especially if you are someone who tends to talk with your hands. Also, ensure to mute text and email notifications as these can interrupt and distract the interview.

Background/Lighting – For daytime interviews, facing a window with natural lighting is your best option, and you can clearly see yourself. Too much overhead lighting can be harsh, wash you out, or cast shadows. Sit in front of neutral backgrounds/walls that contrast with your outfit to make you stand out. Try and avoid big rooms with a lot of clutter; you want the interviewer to focus on you without any distractions. Some platforms offer an assortment of virtual backgrounds, which could be another useful option.

Record a Mock Interview – Practice interviews are typically standard preparation, which should be utilized by candidates. Ask a colleague, friend, or anyone who has the time to sit down and do a mock interview with you. Many video platforms have a record option where you can record the video and audio for your use to playback. This feature will help you see any mannerisms, speaking clarity, presence, or other items that will land you the job.

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