Do Culture Calls Hold Value In The Hiring Process?

Do Culture Calls Hold Value In The Hiring Process?

Does your organization feel personality testing has value in the hiring process? Have you thought about conducting a culture call? What is a culture call, and how can it benefit the hiring process?

Culture calls give the employer a snapshot of potential candidates’ personalities and decision-making skills but also provide candidates insight into the organization’s culture and work-life structure. A culture call with prospective candidates is essential to familiarize the hiring manager with the incumbent. It’s a great icebreaker prior to onboarding a candidate.

These conversations allow the hiring manager and candidate to invite more non-formal questions to diminish the traditional responses to common questions. The questions asked during culture calls give the incumbent a deep understanding of the expectations upfront versus after assuming a role.

Engaging in an initial culture call can streamline hiring by preserving the company’s money and time. This could be advantageous for both the hiring entity and the selected candidate and create buy-in. When an offer is made, the chosen candidate feels great about the role and organization.

Cultural calls can be essential to the hiring process and provide inclusive buy-in before your new hire!

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