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Tag: Holidays

How Giving Back Influences The Bottom Line

The holiday spirit is in the air, with businesses focusing on how they can give back to the community. While acts of gratitude positively affect personal health and happiness, there is also a strong correlation between charitable giving and boosting the bottom line.

By focusing on an impactful community cause, companies are able to connect on a deeper level with customers, partners and employees who share the same values to make a difference, opening the door for new and meaningful business ventures to arise beyond just the holiday season.

Beyond the public relations advantage that the spirit of giving provides, tax advantages also affect the bottom line. With a certain amount donated, organizations are able to claim a charitable deduction offering businesses the opportunity to give back with money not being a major deterrent to do so.

Taking a few moments out of the work day to volunteer at a local food bank or donate time to deliver presents to less fortunate children increases company visibility within the community and provides employees a unique insight into the culture that the organization was built on.

Giving of time and financial support to those in need is a simple and easy reminder to be grateful. When given the chance, employees develop a sense of accomplishment for their service and appreciation for the position they are in and the company providing the opportunity. Morale increases and the desire to work hard for a company that believes in helping those in need grows a bit stronger.

A Time Reserved for Gratitude

47225248 - thanksgiving. autumn leaf background

Thanksgiving is a time to be gracious for the wonderful blessings, friends, family and colleagues that we have been rewarded with during the past year. It is those blessings that continue to push JSpire to strive for success in every aspect of our business.

While we show gratitude for the people and blessings around us, showing appreciation in the workplace can also be beneficial. A gracious workplace can motivate workers and foster a thriving environment.

Not only does thanking someone show an acknowledgment of the work that was completed but it also provides a sense of self-worth and trust between coworkers. Cultivating a culture of gratitude may also guard the workplace in times of a crisis. Others will be more willing to step up and take charge because their efforts will not go unrecognized.

Thanksgiving is a time to be selfless and begin thinking of and acknowledging achievements and efforts. A gracious attitude feels right. Optimism and enthusiasm to help others increases the sense of well-being and can also provide health benefits such as bolstering the immune system and suppressing stress tension.

Not only do positive, thankful energies attract more of it, that mindset also changes the way we understand and view the world around us. Realize that striving for constant achievements may help us on the way to reaching our goals, but recognizing the current situation we are in is important to see the change and progress that has been made.

So practice sincerity. Be honest and meaningful about the thanks you have. Not every job or action needs to be outwardly recognized but developing an understanding of the needs of employees and the way they interact and how they will succeed based off of your gratitude will develop a relationship built on respect not only for the person but also for the job done.

So while everyone is sitting around their holiday table giving thanks for their friends and family, take the time also to sit around the conference room table and give thanks for the people you spend a majority of your day with – your family away from home.

Falling into Holiday Productivity

47777329 - hello november price tag on a pumpkin against burlap canvas

The holiday season is upon us, which means getting to spend more time with family and having the dinner table constantly filled with holiday goodies. However, as the holiday spirits begin to rise, productivity within the workplace can start to fall. So, how can the holidays be integrated within the office without compromising productivity?

During the holidays it is understandable that everyone in the office may be preoccupied with different details that take away from the focused atmosphere from earlier in the year. So how do you combat this mentality? Foster a relationship in the workplace that accepts social obligations but does not impact production goals that have previously been established. Accept that everyone has plans that they may be excited about, but the key to maintaining productivity is ensuring a balance between discussing holiday travels and client portfolios.

Take a break! The holiday season can be filled with tons of stresses that affect productivity. Taking a small breather away from the holiday high and workplace bustle can prove to be more productive than pushing through to get the work done. So, when you walk away from your work area, gather inspiration and new ideas that could largely impact your role with the company and the ways you conduct your business.

Above all, create and complete goals. Setting out high yet achievable goals will allow for an end to be seen as the holiday’s approach and focus may lack. Write down the goals and steps to be taken to complete them. As the goals begin to be crossed off the list, the workload that seemed never ending at the start of the holiday season will soon be bearable.

Overall, the holidays are a time to be thankful for what has been achieved. Enjoy the time that is available with co-workers, family, and friends but do not let the time away supersede the work that needs to be completed especially with the New Year fast approaching.