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Tag: Lifestyle

Falling into Holiday Productivity

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The holiday season is upon us, which means getting to spend more time with family and having the dinner table constantly filled with holiday goodies. However, as the holiday spirits begin to rise, productivity within the workplace can start to fall. So, how can the holidays be integrated within the office without compromising productivity?

During the holidays it is understandable that everyone in the office may be preoccupied with different details that take away from the focused atmosphere from earlier in the year. So how do you combat this mentality? Foster a relationship in the workplace that accepts social obligations but does not impact production goals that have previously been established. Accept that everyone has plans that they may be excited about, but the key to maintaining productivity is ensuring a balance between discussing holiday travels and client portfolios.

Take a break! The holiday season can be filled with tons of stresses that affect productivity. Taking a small breather away from the holiday high and workplace bustle can prove to be more productive than pushing through to get the work done. So, when you walk away from your work area, gather inspiration and new ideas that could largely impact your role with the company and the ways you conduct your business.

Above all, create and complete goals. Setting out high yet achievable goals will allow for an end to be seen as the holiday’s approach and focus may lack. Write down the goals and steps to be taken to complete them. As the goals begin to be crossed off the list, the workload that seemed never ending at the start of the holiday season will soon be bearable.

Overall, the holidays are a time to be thankful for what has been achieved. Enjoy the time that is available with co-workers, family, and friends but do not let the time away supersede the work that needs to be completed especially with the New Year fast approaching.

New Job, Smooth Transition

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You’ve scored the new job and have begun to make the transition to your new role. The move may come with an entirely new environment, new faces, new responsibilities and overall, new experiences.

All of the new things that you find yourself in can be scary and at times challenging but with a positive mindset and by being open to trying new things, a smooth transition will come.

While every career comes with a broad range of emotions, keeping a positive attitude can greatly affect how you view situations. Show excitement for the tasks given and begin to interact with coworkers past the surface level. There will be obstacles along the way but recognize the growth that comes with the challenge, and things will soon begin to look up.

Small levels of interaction can influence your attitude at work; so immerse yourself in the company culture. Adapt to new situations and showcase your abilities that pair well with the overall goals of the organization focusing on the skills that helped you land the position in the first place.

All the new experiences can all involve stepping out of your comfort zone. With any role transition, your comfort zone may be stretched already but push yourself to get involved and make the most out of every situation. Try new things and RSVP to any out-of-work party that allows you to interact with your coworkers.

Soon, everything will begin to fall into place, and the new role that you accepted won’t seem so new anymore.

Are You Satisfied With Your Job?

36760667 - businessman search for dream job


With the New Year quickly approaching, companies are beginning to anticipate their needs and hiring managers are preparing to scan for potential employees that match those needs. Now is the time to reexamine your workplace satisfaction and review the career path you are currently on while recognizing if it is the career path for you.

Now, some people have found the right job for them and are happy in their role but what if you haven’t? No need to panic, there is plenty of time and a multitude of opportunities to take advantage of. It is just up to you to make the moves to obtain that happiness.

So, how do you know if the job you are in truly makes you happy? Well, think of the signs that are out of the ordinary. Do you hate going into work and count the hours until you can leave? With a majority of the average person’s life consumed by work, it is best to spend that time happy and enjoying the work you do.

Have a purpose for your job every day. This purpose doesn’t mean going out and changing the world every single day but rather, finding satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment in the work you do. Without those feelings, you no longer satisfy the basic human need of self-actualization.

Think about what you want in your career. Pinpoint aspects that you love and hate about your current role and see what other fields utilize the elements you wish to carry throughout your career.

Take the time to tune into your workplace happiness. Ask yourself if you can see any growth happening in the role you are currently in. If you can’t, recognize the signs, acknowledge if you are in a position to begin looking for another job and make the moves to satisfy your ultimately workplace happiness.




How to Structure the Best Wellness Plan for You

40364757 - enjoy life - healthy lifestyle word cloud on a digital tablet with a cup of coffee

The most common misconception about wellness programs is the expense. While some corporate wellness initiatives may have a hefty price tag attached, it is quite simple to execute an affordable and efficient program that best fits the needs of the company and all employees.

First, understand what type of program is best to initiate. Keep in mind that the “best program” doesn’t have to mean all the rules and guidelines are followed to a “T.” Rather, what kind of structure will bring out the best employee mindset to WANT to take part in the program while being the most beneficial to the overall company environment. Assessing the needs of the organization and understanding employee satisfaction while taking part in fulfilling the program is essential.

Once this occurs, you can begin mapping out the parameters of the wellness initiative. Sit down and discuss the budget and specifically the end goal – how can you best help your employees which, will in turn, best help you.

After finalizing some of the tougher corporate focused decisions, it is time to begin shaping the creating the wellness program that best fit your needs. Below are some examples:

For a simple health and nutrition wellness program:

  • Subsidize unhealthy needing machine or snack bar options for healthier choices that cost less than the items that are usually in place
  • Hold a healthy monthly potluck
  • Offer tips on how to shop and eat healthily
  • Post reminders to get flu shots and tips for improving work-related illnesses

For a productivity wellness program:

  • Create flexible work areas for collaboration
  • Share goals on a whiteboard visible to everyone

For a fitness and physical activity wellness program:

  • Offer classes or an on-site group exercise session
  • Install standing desks
  • Hold an employee fitness challenge
  • Invest in technology that helps employees track their fitness

After a couple of months of implementation, evaluate the program focusing on your employees and the overall workplace environment. Understand what is not working and how those areas can be improved and concentrate on the areas that prove to be most beneficial. Soon, real changes will begin to be made and overall satisfaction and office morale will begin to shift in a positive direction.

Check back for the next edition as we look into Job Satisfaction.

Workplace Wellness

54123644 - wellness sign with wooden cubes and flowers and stones

Picture this. You are sitting at work exhausted, unhappy in your role and feeling like there is no way out; to make matters worse, you are feeling a tad under the weather. We’ve all been there, right? Well, how can this be changed? How can a basic human need of self-actualization and health be fulfilled within the everyday workplace?

For employers and employees alike, wellness is a priority, whether that be physically, mentally, or financially. And while this area of life may be a priority, it is all too often lost between the constant juggle of work and home life.

There are approximately 260 workdays in a year, which translates into just over 71 percent of the year spent at work. Considering a full-time employee, it is safe to say that the workplace is where they spend most of their time. Therefore, employers must 1) take advantage of the amount of time committed by employees and 2) be willing to shift focus to a more health-centric atmosphere rather than an entirely work-centric atmosphere to accommodate organization commitment.

So, how can you, the employer, safeguard the two concepts stated above? By executing a wellness program within the workplace, employees will prove to be happier, more satisfied and more productive during the workweek while healthcare costs for the company will be significantly reduced.

The following is an excerpt taken from The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism about data collected regarding wellness program effectiveness within the workplace:

Nearly all (92 percent) of the companies with a wellness program in place agreed that these programs are effective, and 47 percent reported the programs are very or extremely effective. In addition, 44 percent of employers agree they are able to offer lower health insurance premiums as a result of their wellness program, and six in 10 (61 percent) agree they have a healthier workforce as a result of having a wellness program in place.

One of the most iconic companies that currently implements a wellness program throughout their business model is Google. Featured by totalhrmanagement.com in the article, 12 Companies With Seriously Impressive Corporate Wellness Programs, Google employs on-campus healthcare experts, insurance and emergency services and new parent and continuing student benefits to some campuses across the nation. Google ensures that while their employees are committing a vast majority of their time to the workplace, they aren’t sacrificing everything to accommodate workplace needs. Understanding that the atmosphere of Google may be a bit extreme for some companies, the key element is the application Google adopts rendering employee satisfaction and organizational success.

Workplace wellness programs can come in many different forms. Whether it be a simple, unstructured plan or creating a more structured and health-centric workplace such as facility, each result will confirm the positive impact a wellness program has. Later this week we will be exploring various wellness programs that may be most beneficial for your workplace atmosphere.